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There are many people out there that do not realize that you can have your car hauled off, picked up, or just plain old driven off for a fee. That’s right; at Fast cash for cars we look for and find cars for cash. You will not have to bring it to us, hire a tow truck or dig it out of the barn, if there is an old car or automobile of any style, form or fashion we will come and get it, pay you and remove it for you.


Now we understand that not everyone wanting to get rid of their cars has ‘Junkers’ we know that you are ready to trade in your car that still runs and as far as you are concerned is a ‘gem’. Well guess what, we buy running cars as well; who would be crazy enough not to? We are in the business of trading cars for cash. That is right, straight cash in your hand for your cars regardless of the condition. There are many companies out there that claim to offer the same customer service that Fast cars for cash does, and most of them are here in the San Diego are as well, but we separate ourselves apart from the other junk collectors by offering top quality service, offering top dollar for your car, and we have the history and reputation to uphold our word. We were here when the concept was created we have watched other car collectors come and go, the bottom line is when you want to sell your car, come see us first.


No gimmicks, no fast sales people throwing pitches at you, just you and one of our representatives talking with you like two adults. This is what we have built our business around, respect, the clients and their needs. We want you to explore the site, see who we are and what we are about. There are several competitors out in our market and we can tell you that we are the best but we prefer you learn this on your own through time, interview and overall experience.



What is my car worth?

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